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Auto Loan Refinance Experts RefiJet Sponsor “PROJECT OUR TOWN” Weekend of Action

By Jamie Eardley () - October 29, 2019

Auto Refinance Experts RefiJet Sponsors Project Our Town

Denver, Colorado – October 29, 2019 – Mirroring its mission of putting consumers in the best position for which they qualify with a new auto refinance loan, RefiJet, a Denver-based finance company, is committed to putting its community in the best position possible.  RefiJet is proud to contribute to its community by being a STAR Sponsor of Project Our Town’s Weekend of Action.

PROJECT OUR TOWN is a Denver-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers people to help others. Through both on-going volunteering and an annual 3-day Weekend of Action, PROJECT OUR TOWN creates opportunities for volunteers to participate in meaningful, impactful projects that serve the community. The Weekend of Action, November 8-10, 2019, will include more than 1,500 volunteers blanketing the Denver metro area performing over 100 community service projects for over 50 non-profit agencies. The projects are designed to provide for those in need, support meaningful causes, and create positive volunteer experiences.

With the support of RefiJet’s sponsorship, volunteers will make and serve meals at residential treatment facilities and homeless shelters, perform a variety of service projects for veterans groups, food banks, and provide support for organizations addressing causes such as homebound seniors, at-risk children, veterans, active military, seniors, animals, poverty, mental illness, abuse, physical and intellectual disabilities, illness, and more.

“RefiJet chose to sponsor PROJECT OUR TOWN’s Weekend of Action,” says RefiJet Managing Partner, Reid Rubenstein, “because we want to positively affect our community in as many diverse ways as possible.  We are not only providing financial support but also encouraging our employees to participate so that we make a strong, positive ripple effect through our community.” Cindy Abramson, Co-Executive Director of PROJECT OUR TOWN, states: “It takes pro-active, civic-minded companies like RefiJet to make it possible for us to, not only help those most in need but to cultivate a culture of volunteerism and a community of doers. We are grateful for RefiJet’s leadership in the community.”

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