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JUST CHILL! Things Drivers Do that Drive Me Crazy

By WebMaster RefiJet () - February 5, 2019

Too late now for New Year’s resolutions! Which is a great relief for me as I have not exercised once and I am currently eating kettle corn and drinking wine—just to hold me over until dinner, which will include pasta of some kind and more wine…or maybe gin. Life is short, don’t judge.

Anyway, it is much more satisfying to talk about other people’s problems, like my pet peeves regarding other drivers. They’ll probably not be the ones you might guess, but I hope you will give them some thought.

    1. How can people be so mean to elderly drivers??? I know they drive slow and they don’t always follow the rules, especially the unwritten rules. But, they are someone’s parent and grandparent. They are clinging to their last bit of freedom and independence, so don’t be a jerk. Karma people! This will be YOU one day, and you will be punished/rewarded accordingly.


  1. Seriously??? People are STILL texting and driving? Everyone knows why this is so wrong. Just get off your f’in phone. And, holding your phone down by your lap does not fool anyone. Everyone knows what you are doing. There are NO acceptable or normal reasons to stare at your lap while driving a car.
  1. If I am at a red light and not turning right, check for a freaking sign about ‘no right turn on red’ before you honk your horn at me! And, even if there is no sign, still don’t honk at me. It just makes me nervous and will take me even longer to make the turn. Same with a left turn. Just be patient. I am doing the best I can.
  1. We all have times in our life when things are just not as…let’s just say, obvious, as they once were. Just mentioning this one for a friend… Lately, she has noticed that people honk at her and she has absolutely no idea why. She thinks she is driving just fine. So, for her, maybe as you pass and glare, you could blink once for driving too slow, twice for an unappreciated lane change, three times for accidental cut off, and smile really big for any other offenses.She apologizes in advance.If it makes you feel any better (and it shouldn’t), your honking upsets her, she thinks about it for a long time, and NEVER figures out why you did it. So, it will likely happen again. How about we avoid the whole thing by you not being a jerk, and just don’t honk in the first place.
  1. This is one I would think is avoidable just because we live a civilized society, but this freak show is performed by about half the population (I will let you decide which half). There are NO circumstances, NONE, when it is appropriate, appreciated, or acceptable to have any finger in any orifice of your body, specifically your nose and ears.You are not invisible; your tinted windows do not shield the victims of your crime from the horror of your actions. I beg you to keep some tissues in your car. Please, in the name of all that is holy, stop!
  1. Please, please, please don’t let your dog ride in the back of a pick-up truck. It scares the doodoo out of me. What if you have to slam on your brakes? What if the dog sees a rabbit or a cat? What if you get in an accident? That dog is going to be flying out. It is so dangerous. I just don’t get it.
  1. Is there a biological reason that men need to spit throughout the day? I am pretty sure the only time I spit is when I brush my teeth. Seriously, what is going on in your mouth that you have to send chunks of something from your mouth out your window on a regular basis? And, at times, you precede it with that horrid sound of trying to bring something up that is half way down. Just let it go down!!!! Gross! Go to an ENT asap. Please!
  1. And, chewing tobacco spitting <insert gagging here> or even worse, opening your car door to drag your finger across your lower gums to swipe all the used tobacco out…I am going to let you in on a little secret…it makes lady parts freeze, like sub-zero freeze, not just a little chill.
  1. Motorcycles! They are fast, fun, and I admit, fairly sexy. But when you zoom by, through the traffic, weaving around cars, going 25mph faster than all the other cars, it scares the crap out of me. All I can think about is your poor parents, how worried they must get, and how devastated they would be if you got hurt…or worse.A whole little story starts to weave in my mind and, within seconds, I have created the story of your whole world coming to an end—the funeral, your girlfriend, your golden retriever waiting for you at home, everyone sobbing at your grave, angrily screaming at you-fists shaking up towards the sky, “WHY did you do this?” Now I am totally depressed and it is all your fault.

Remember that we have no idea what is happening in someone else’s life. They could be coming home from a funeral, visiting someone at the hospital, going through a painful breakup, worried about their kid, or so many other possibilities. The last thing they need is for you to honk, flip them off, tail them, give them the stink-eye as you pass them, scream obscenities, etc.

The moral of the story: just chill! Life’s hard enough. Besides, when you get really angry with other drivers, it usually because of something else going on in your own life—most of which can be, at least temporarily, alleviated with pasta, pizza, ice cream, and other empty carbs. Do it. It will make the roads a kinder, gentler place.

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