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What’s involved in the process?

By Ben Payton () - May 2, 2018

Let us know you are interested in exploring your options. Your personal loan concierge will talk you through the process of collecting your information (including doing a soft pull of your credit bureau information) and documents (such as a copy of your driver’s license). Almost instantly, you will hear about the options for which you qualify. Most likely, you will be provided with some options for loan structure (APR, loan term, monthly payment, etc.) along with information about your options for Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) and Extended Service Contract coverage that can be included in your loan. You let us know what works best for you and then, with your permission, we will submit the application to the appropriate lender. All this can be handled in one phone call! Once approved, which also happens quickly, we fill out the paperwork (really!) and send it to you through a highly secure system that protects your personal information and data. You sign and return the documents, and then we work with your new lender to handle paying off your current loan and updating your title paperwork. Then, you just start making your loan payments to the new lender. Boom, you’re done.

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