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10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Garage

By Eve Chen () - August 3, 2019

The home renovation spree—made popular by HGTV shows like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers—is in full force as many people resist moving to larger, more expensive quarters in favor of bettering the spaces they have. From new bathrooms to kitchens to master suites with ensuite baths, nothing seems to be out-of-bounds for homeowners these days.

For many homeowners, garages have become “the next big thing” in home renovation. These days, it’s not just celebrities and car enthusiasts who are outfitting their garages with fancy new equipment, but anyone looking to gain more utility, showcase a prized car or add value to their home.

Trends in garage renovation ideas span the gamut from organizational and functional to purely aesthetic. Here’s a Top-10 listing of some of our favorite improvement ideas:

  1. Create a new parking space. Install an auto elevator to give your two-car garage the utility of a three-car garage—an amenity which has become more and more popular with consumers.
  2. Upgrade flooring. Modern substances like polyaspartic coatings and epoxies can make all the difference in transforming your garage from a mere storage space to an attractive extension of your home.
  3. Introduce smart technology. Make your garage workspace an electronic haven with features such as smart thermostats, smoke detectors, audio speakers and wireless security cameras.
  4. Install storage units. Add cabinets, racks and wall slats to create spaces for storing and organizing clutter and neatening the overall look of your garage.
  5. Improve energy efficiency. Replace old drafty garage doors with newer, more air-tight models and add new insulation and weatherstripping.
  6. Create a useful workspace. Treat your garage as additional living space by adding a small workshop or even just a foldaway workbench.
  7. Eliminate trash areas. Remove trash from your garage altogether by creating an outdoor space for secured garbage, composting and recycling bins.
  8. Add vertical storage. Clear clutter by installing plenty of hooks that can hang almost everything—tools, toys, bicycles, sporting equipment and more.
  9. Improve lighting. Replace that plain bare bulb with interesting fixtures and add windows, if possible, which will make your garage space feel more inviting and allow greater functionality.
  10. Update your look. Install modern garage doors with attractive moldings and window cut-outs and paint surfaces using bright, unexpected color choices.

If you have the budget, feel free to mix and match several of these ideas to really be creative and transform your old garage. But don’t go too far! Most real estate agents will tell you that homes without garages—or garages that have been fully converted into living space—will sit on the market longer than other homes when it comes time to sell. In the final analysis, a great-looking and functional garage is awesome—as long as it’s also still “home sweet home” for your vehicles.

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